March 30, 2011

Module #2 Discussion Question #3 How would Web 2.0 Be More Useful?

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Discussion Question #3
How do you think that Web 2.0 might be more useful in educational settings than the previous generation of a more static and rigid web? Which aspects of Web 2.0 do you feel have the most promise? (Bold faced words are the aspects.  The numbered items are examples of how the Web 2.o tool could illustrate the aspect.)

I believe that Web 2.0 applications are more useful in educational settings because they are not static, they do change. When a user interacts with the applications/web pages, a user can see the results of their efforts, instant gratification. This provides a way for students to work with the materials (reinforcement), collaborate and share information, and show the world the results!

What tools would students use to do this? Well, there are too many to name and more are being created every day. Those that are worthwhile stay around and you start to hear about them. The not-so-valuable or poorly designed applications/web pages disappear.

Some applications I think that would be useful:

  1. Twitter because it allows instant posting and provides a means to collaborate.
  2. Facebook because this is a tool that students are using right now. My theory is that an instructor could create a page that students could say they like. On this page, instructors could provide information and share ideas with students. This would be a way for instructors to communicate with their students. Students wouldn’t have to login to their learning management systems because necessary communications were posted on the page created by the instructor. No, I don’t think it a great idea for instructors and students to become friends on facebook.
  3. Flickr is a great tool because when individuals share their photos with the community, they can also provide the location the picture was taken. You, as a user, can then find photos from that location.
  4. Blogs and Wikis allow the users to share their impressions and ideas plus receive feedback. It is a way to keep a running journal the thought process of a project.
  5. and Diigo provide a means of saving your bookmarks and sharing them, another form of collaboration. I find that even though I had a delicious account first, I like the diigo account because it does not require me to install an add-in for the browser. Where I teach, students can’t install any add-ins.

There is a pictorial representation of Web 2.0 applications at:
If you click on the image, you can zoom in or zoom out.


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