April 5, 2011

Module #3: Poll Everywhere but Here

Posted in Module #3, MVCR Postings, Tech Tools at 11:47 pm by marylan2

A poll has been created using a free tool called polleverywhere.com.

The question is “How likely are you to use a cellphone in teaching?” There are two ways you can respond. If you have a phone with texting capabilities, we encourage you to select option A.

If you do not, option B is for you. Option A: Vote by Texting: Text the appropriate code to ##### Very likely (messages, reminders, polls) – – text code 3322 (don’t text the words — just the numbers 3322)

Thinking about it … maybe – – text code 3292

Not likely at all – – text code 3300

Option B: Vote on the web: Go to http://poll4.com and submit your code.

After you answer the poll question, post in the discussion area your reaction to this kind of communication. Under what circumstances would you use polling with your students and why? What are some creative uses you can think of? How does this count as an asynchronous communication tool? Be sure to post this information on your digital scrapbook, too!

My reaction:

At first I was excited because we had another opportunity to interact.

Second, I was dismayed because I had never texted like this on my phone (iPhone 3Gs). I have always texted individuals.

Third, I didn’t want to go to the website to answer the poll because I wanted to do something new.

Fourth, I had to have my workstudy show me how to do the text on my phone so I could answer the poll by texting. (Yea!, I learned another skill.)

I probably wouldn’t use this polling because it doesn’t give me the result of the poll. Does it within the website? Only if you are a member.

To make this a valid asynchronous tool, I would assume that the instructor would share the survey results. I believe there are other survey tools that would show the results without the instructor needing to share.


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