April 18, 2011

Module #4 Reflection Synchronous Communication

Posted in Module #4, MVCR Postings, Tech Tools at 3:09 am by marylan2

Synchronout Tools:  I attended a sessions of the TCC Conference: Developing 21st Century Skills.  Two of the tools the instructors use are Elluminate and Skype. 

I use Skype for my department meetings.  My co-worker and supervisor are located at another campus nine miles away.  Instead of me driving there and using gas and time, we just meet through Skype.  It works very well and efficiently.

I have used Elluminate in the past.  Where?  Through previous TCC Conferences.  It is an easy to learn tool.  I like the clean look of the tool.   It contains many possible ways to communicate.  You can verbalize, chat, use a whiteboard, have pollings, and narrate while showing a  slide show.  

Here in Michigan, funding is tight.  Smaller schools, like my community college, can’t afford Elluminate.  It does have a free version that allows for three participants.  It would be great for online office hours or tutoring. 


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