April 30, 2011

Module #6 Create Content: Jing and Screencast

Posted in Module #6, MVCR Postings, Tech Tools at 11:00 am by marylan2

Finally, I got Jing to post to Screencast.  I created a small video on how to create your first web page using HTML.

Jing is fairly simple.  There are three little suns off the main sun.  The main problem I had was that I kept hitting the cancel button instead of the stop button. 

It took me a while to get Jing to publish.  My problem was that I was using my Jing for mhightree@kvcc.edu and my Screencast was registered to mlhightree@aol.com.  When I finally removed Jing and reinstalled using the mlhightree@aol.com user, it did publish to Screencast.  Yes, there was a minor error that didn’t seem to effect the final product so I ignored the error.

My rather unpolished but exciting, for me, Jing is located at:


This little movie will be posted in my Moodle course so students can experiment with it, preview before class, review after class, and for practice.

I hope to use some of the other options too.  I am really excited about this.  I am not really creative so using these tools may give me a boost in that direction.  I hope so!


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