May 12, 2011

Module #8: My Scrapbook

Posted in Module #8, MVCR Postings, Tech Tools at 12:15 am by marylan2

My Scrapbook is located at:

  • social networking/media

On March 24-29 I posted my opinion of Twitter. To me, the easiest social networking tool to manage and get started is Twitter. Within Twitter, the people and entities you follow provide you with information of interest and opinions. They will provide you with links to blogs, websites, other entities, and individuals.

  • a tool for asynchronous communication

On April 6, I talked about finding an asynchronous communication tool in my subject are, a blog. As a result from this course, I have found that blogs can contain an incredible amount of useful information. Another advantage is that you can comment to the poster after reading their posts. Another asynchronous tool I learned about in this course was Voicethread.

  • a tool for synchronous communication

On April 28, I talked about using Skype as a communication tool between my coworkers and myself. We are housed in different locations. It is a time saver and cuts down on travel expenses (gas at $4.19 a gallon) to use Skype.

Of course there are other valuable synchronous tools such as, Elluminate and Dabbleboard. They allow for video, file sharing, whiteboards, etc.

  • an example of ready-made content

There are many places on the web to find ready-made content. On April 27, I talked about exploring Merlot looking to find a learning object in my subject matter. I have to explore the other options offered: National Science Digital Library and the Wisc-Online repository. There are also many examples of ready-made content in YouTube.

  • some content you’ve produced on your own

On April 30, I posted a video I produced using Jing and posted it to the web using Screencast. This experience taught me that you do have to plan, prepare, and practice before you produce.

  • whatever your produced in the 7th week (survey or teach-back)

On May 6, I posted a link to a survey I created with Survey Monkey. It is a survey I want to use with faculty to see when their schedules will allow to schedule a technology training session.


  • an elective …. something new you’d like to try

I am looking for a current MOOC. I am really disappointed, I just missed one create by George Siemans and associates.

  • a link to your Diigo account, showing at least 3 bookmarks you saved during the term.

My Diigo account is: marylan. On March 29, I posted links to websites about using Twitter for the classroom.

Here is a prezi I attempted:

  • your 23 Things post

On May 10, I posted My 23 Things. It was a great exercise. What helped me the most was that I was keeping a list of what I did during the course, such as books, websites, people of interest, etc.


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