May 6, 2011

Module #7: Survey created with Survey Monkey

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I created a survey at Survey Monkey:

Click here to take survey (

I decided to create a survey that I could share with my current clientele: our faculty.  There is a core group of users that would be thrilled to have a setting where we can all share tools, ideas, and usage.  Basically, I would modify this to remove the weekend  and evening hours (because I am lazy) and send this link to the interested faculty. 

My group recently facilitated a workshop for faculty that intend to teach online.  We shared ideas about course design (based on Quality Matters), assessment, collaboration, getting students involved, building community and technology tools.  Most of the participants wanted more.  This is my way of initiating further contact. 

I found Survey Monkey to be easy and painless.  The hardest part would be to plan the survey before trying to compose the survey in the tool.  Why?  Because you would waste a lot of time rewriting questions and going back to reword and add further information.  Questions I have about Survey Monkey:
1.  Can I set a survey deadline
2.  How do I share the survey results with participants?  Is that automatic?

It would seem that using a tool such as Survey Monkey would allow more people from various locations to participate in the survey creating a wider participant pool.  An example of how this could be used:  Surveys could be used as a class project.  I envision a humanities/government course having groups projects that would use this type of survey to poll fellow students (from different courses, campuses, and schools) and analyze the results for a report.